Cupid Wore Skirts

Cupid Wore Skirts contains a classic mixture of Ulster characters and is one of the most popular and most performed of all Sam Cree plays. We visit the home of Antique dealer Andrew Coulter, a widower who lives with his elderly father and teenage son, Brian. His married daughter, Daphne, comes in each day to take care of the men and ensure they are coping. When Daphne becomes pregnant, she fears for her male relative’s ability to cope.

Andrew’s sister-in-law is convinced they will not be able to manage and makes a wager that he couldn’t get a new wife within a fortnight. Andrew advertises for a wife in the forlorn hope that he will win the bet and obtain a solution to his problems. The mayhem is heightened when three women accept Andrew’s ‘proposal’ and only a ‘clever device’ worthy of a DUP negotiator can get the hapless Andrew off the hook.