Louisiana, 1956. Tonight is the Halloween fair and the town is abuzz with excitement. The Austin Kids – Jake and Belinda, along with their good friend Shirley, venture into the woods to take what they think are just innocent herbal pills. Three days later, they return. What begins as a simple cover-up story quickly snowballs into a case of mass hysteria within the small town where “I was abducted by aliens” becomes the trendy excuse to cover up one’s wrongdoings.

Little Town Liars is a fast-paced comedy musical created by New Zealand composer and director, Joshua Hopton-Stewart. It was first performed as part of the 2013 New Zealand Fringe Festival to a sell-out crowd at BATS Theatre in Wellington, where it was selected as a Pick of the Fringe and won the award for Best Ensemble.


Writer & Director: Joshua Hopton-Stewart

Production Manager: Jennifer A. Svensson Tovrea

Costume Coordinator: Sonia Braska

Musical Supervisor: Johan Mörk

Casting Assistant: Emily Simpson

Piano Accompanist: Stina Boberg

The Narrator: Tova Sundén

Jake Austin: Kalle Thunell

Belinda Austin: Susanna Joy Sempill

Shirley Harris: Isabella Sjööns

Billy Peterson: Joakim Tidermark

Ruth Sanders: Elin Ledenvik

Sheriff Tony Sanders: Olof Berg

Mayor Edward Austin: Niall Balfe

Mrs. Paula Austin: Johanna Ström

Mrs. Marge Nickies: Penny Black

Dr. John Nickies: Joshua Hopton-Stewart

Donna Gregson: Jasmine Heikura

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