Photographer: Martin Rosenbaum

“One of the dramatist’s most moving works”

“Terrifying, tantalizing power”

“The language is precis, but its meaning is mysterious”

“Brutal and stunning”

Pinter’s famed obscurity reaches new dimensions: In a house in the countryside, a man, Devlin, forces a woman, Rebecca, to confront her past. As Devlin digs for the truth, Rebecca invokes ghosts from the past.

Ashes to Ashes takes us on an atmospheric, nightmarish journey from a civilised world to a place of psychological and physical games of cruelty.

With support from Stockholm Stad and Svante Bergströms teaterstiftelse

Directed by: Jo Rideout
Rebecca: Louise Ryme
Devlin: Pontus Olgrim
Produced by: Pontus Olgrim